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Recommending “Her”

Vicki was out of town on an important family mission during my official 75th birthday, yesterday, and I treated myself to the new film, “Her.”  (Please don’t read the Wikipedia synopsis, it sucks the life out of the story and … Continue reading

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It has come to my attention …

… That a sizable proportion of recent posts on this blog are about my resumption of blogging, my dereliction as a blogger, and other public manifestations of my miscreant ways. And I’m doing it again! Well, I have resumed curation … Continue reading

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All Your SD-Card Belong to Us

After attending a Geek Dinner last night, I wanted to import the photos from my SD Card into my Windows photo folders for editing and posting to Flickr.  Naturally, there were some cat pictures accumulated on my camera also. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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The Great Social Security Scare-Off: Why?

This arrived in my postal mail a few days ago: Today, 36 percent of the federal budget is consumed by Social Security and Medicare, a growing cost shouldered by the shrinking population of younger Americans.” There were other numbers being … Continue reading

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RSS: Blogs as Publishing

I much prefer full-content blog feeds.  I want to be able to use my feed reader to see what the article is.  I can then delete it, flag it, or simply let it sit there until my attention comes back … Continue reading

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Mobile Payment Systems Arriving–Ready or Not?

Michael Brush’s 2012-12-28 article, “The next big battle for your wallet,” caught my eye on this morning’s MSN Money page. There are a number of converging factors that suggest 2013 will see a flurry of mobile payment offerings supported by … Continue reading

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Getting some Delicious (again, maybe)

It seems that the use of a DLL and plug-in is no longer the preferred way to connect to for capturing bookmarks on that service.    With the plug-in, I did have trouble losing my cookie and needing to log … Continue reading

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