It has come to my attention …

… That a sizable proportion of recent posts on this blog are about my resumption of blogging, my dereliction as a blogger, and other public manifestations of my miscreant ways.

And I’m doing it again!

Well, I have resumed curation of my web sites.  Really.  It is a bit like trying to touch up the paint on a long-neglected, weathered house.  I am obsessive enough, so long as my other obsessions don’t distract me too much.

On this blog, I notice a significant problem.  Apparently, when the Hideout moved from Windows Live to WordPress, many of the images were sourced from links into Windows Live still (or perhaps someplace in SkyDrive).  And now there are all of these wide-open spaces for images that have no images in them. 

This blog was mostly meant to be a preservation point and an outlet for blog urgency.  It’s not intended to be permanent.  Now the problem is figuring out the easiest way to put it all back together.  I’m not certain and I think I am not quite obsessed enough to figure it out further.

See you around the Internet.  Really.  Some Day Soon (™ Jerry Pournelle).

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