Getting some Delicious (again, maybe)

It seems that the use of a DLL and plug-in is no longer the preferred way to connect to for capturing bookmarks on that service.    With the plug-in, I did have trouble losing my cookie and needing to log in again.  This was exacerbated by the fact that the log-in pop-up wouldn’t let me use clipboard paste to bring the password over from my password safe.  I don’t know what the passwords are and they are terrible to type directly.  So I endured having to go to the site to log in there and refresh my cookie for again capturing bookmarks. 

When I “upgraded” to Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview on my Windows 7 system, I couldn’t close the browser without it crashing.  On failing to roll-back to Internet Explorer 9, I restored IE 10 and tracked down the crasher. It was the DLL.  So I shut that down.

That was frustrating because I use to make useful notes to myself, enhanced by the fact that I also subscribe to the RSS feed of those bookmarks and their notes.

To compensate, I found I could still use the “Blog this in Windows Live Writer” to capture clippings and post to a blog of mine (and use its RSS feed in the same way).

Fortunately, my next inspiration was to actually go to tools and see whether there were later versions of the plug-in.  No, there is no mention of a plug-in any more.  But there is a bookmarklet.  I went through that drill:

The bookmarklet is a button you add to your browser’s Bookmarks Toolbar so you can easily save links to Delicious.

Installing the bookmarklet is easy:

  1. First, make sure your browser’s bookmark toolbar is visible. On internet explorer, go to “View” on your browser menu, select Tool bar, then Favorites Bar.
  2. Add to DeliciousNext, drag the bookmarklet button to the right to your Bookmarks Toolbar. … Make sure to select the “Favorite’s Bar” which will save the Bookmarklet on your Favorite’s toolbar.
  3. That’s it! Now, to save a webpage to Delicious, just click on your bookmarklet to open the save window. Add notes, tags, images or highlight text on the page to add it to your comments.

There is also information, there, about putting delicious buttons on blog pages.  That’s a task for the future.  First, I want this bookmarklet to work and IE10 not to crash (well, at least not for this reason).

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