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Welcoming Open Live Writer

Although many have asked for it, today was the day that a team of Microsoft and other Volunteers managed to fork Window Live Writer to become Open Live Writer under the .NET Foundation. I am creating this post with Open … Continue reading

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It has come to my attention …

… That a sizable proportion of recent posts on this blog are about my resumption of blogging, my dereliction as a blogger, and other public manifestations of my miscreant ways. And I’m doing it again! Well, I have resumed curation … Continue reading

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Blocked on Blogging

Recently, I completed a number of arrangements to have more attention on a few projects that I consider the most important work for my continued vocation.  That includes attention to my web sites, where I’ll be investing renewed attention, and … Continue reading

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Getting some Delicious (again, maybe)

It seems that the use of a DLL and plug-in is no longer the preferred way to connect to for capturing bookmarks on that service.    With the plug-in, I did have trouble losing my cookie and needing to log … Continue reading

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Your Words are Wasted – Scott Hanselman

In his 2012-08-19 Blog post, Your words are wasted, Scott Hanselman pleas for the cyber-presence I yearn for: ability to easily create and manage my own content and make it easily available. I cling to that ambition despite my blogging … Continue reading

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A Planet of Blog Splinters … Apache Feathers?

The Apache Software Foundation provides a Planet Apache blog consolidation.  I’d like to have my articles that are related to Apache projects, especially Apache OpenOffice, to be directed to the planet.  And I want articles that aren’t even remotely-connected to … Continue reading

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Is it a category, tag, or label, and which smell as sweet?

Different blog publishing systems (the ones that put your blog pages where others see them) have different ways of labeling posts for various purposes. I want to use categories as a place to separate posts on a particular theme and … Continue reading

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