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Returning to the Moon: Over-Tightened Wingnuts

The Spanner Wingnut blog is now being published with Hexo-generated content.  That version is the current default.  Technically, the Returning to the Moon topic could continue there.  that is the appropriate place for preservation of all the findings of my … Continue reading

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Returning to the Moon: Flight-Computer Fault

Previous testing reveals some menu titles defaulting to Russian even though I have specified “en” at the top Hexo level.  The same titles appear in English on the front page of the blog. Localization happens at the theme level.  I … Continue reading

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Another Lively Place for Orcmid

Technorati Tags: Google, Lively, VChat, interoperability, discussion Thanks to some mentions in Twitter, I have found myself a lively place, a new Google property.  I need to figure out how to get the image and entrance to the room to … Continue reading

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Friday’s Uncensored Jukebox

Technorati Tags: Ed Bott, uncensored jukebox, random media player, Victoria E. Hamilton, orcmid Ed Bott has published a pre-holiday Random 10 and a new Uncensored Jukebox Challenge.  Ed reports that it is Judy’s birthday so this seems like a great … Continue reading

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  Technorati Tags: orcmid,, OO.o Installer Bug When I installed OO.o 2.3 on my sister’s computer, I was disturbed that it kept offering her admin account as the single account it would install under, even though we were not … Continue reading

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Claiming this Blog Under Technorati

Technorati Tags: orcmid, Technorati, Orcmid’s Live Hideout This is just the little Technorati claim maker making a claim for my Technorati Profile.

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Open Office Not Ready for ‘Just Plain Folks’

Technorati Tags: orcmid,, Presumptious Software, Using Office Documents, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office, Vista Home Premium The Qwest tech came out and installed my sister’s broadband (and changed her standard user account to an administrator account, but more about that … Continue reading

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