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What Birds Are These? I asked

Technorati Tags: photography, neighborhood, birds, winter Every Winter there are swarms of birds outside of my basement-office window.  They arrive suddenly, pecking the heck out of my lawn (but leaving the sprouts of my late-season re-seeding alone) and making off … Continue reading

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Gaming Pandora

Technorati Tags: music, Pandora, Internet Radio, classic rock Although I was excited when Pandora began to provide classical selections, I was quickly disillusioned.  The biggest problem is that classical pieces don’t break down nicely into radio sound-play excerpts.   When I … Continue reading

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Friday Cat Pictures: Come Closer Kitty

Technorati Tags: cats, Friday cat pictures, Teh Amor, Seattle Out my basement-office ground-level window, I often see birds, squirrels and the occasional passing cat.  Most cats scurry out of site once they notice me in the office.  Other critters scatter … Continue reading

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Nikon School: Student Days

Technorati Tags: Nikon School, photography, digital slr, Nikon, education I am a Nikon School graduate.  I spent Saturday and Sunday in back-to-back one-day seminars, starting with Introduction to Digital SLR Photography and wrapping up with Next Steps in Digital Photography: … Continue reading

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Uncensored Jukebox

Technorati Tags: Ed Bott, Windows Media Player, Favorites, Mood Music, Amazon MP3, Downloads Friday’s Uncensored Jukebox: What Tunes Do You Really Like?  Well, Ed Bott has done it to me again.  Ailing after the Consumer Electronics Show, Ed is soothing … Continue reading

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