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Password Security 1: Social Engineering an SHA1 Hack

The use of easily-computed hash values as password authenticators provides piss-poor safety.  The prevalence of memorable/weak passwords and their reuse simply compounds the foolishness.  Here’s a vivid demonstration why. Lights!  Cameras!!  Rolling … Action !!! Scene 1: The Setup Late … Continue reading

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A Planet of Blog Splinters … Apache Feathers?

The Apache Software Foundation provides a Planet Apache blog consolidation.  I’d like to have my articles that are related to Apache projects, especially Apache OpenOffice, to be directed to the planet.  And I want articles that aren’t even remotely-connected to … Continue reading

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Technorati Tags: orcmid,, Open Documents, Microsoft Office, Novell edition, OOXML, ODMA Yesterday, I gave my tale of woes around installation of 2.3 on my sister’s (and then my) computer.  Here’s the key take-away as a Hot Tip! … Continue reading

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