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Recommending “Her”

Vicki was out of town on an important family mission during my official 75th birthday, yesterday, and I treated myself to the new film, “Her.”  (Please don’t read the Wikipedia synopsis, it sucks the life out of the story and … Continue reading

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All Your SD-Card Belong to Us

After attending a Geek Dinner last night, I wanted to import the photos from my SD Card into my Windows photo folders for editing and posting to Flickr.  Naturally, there were some cat pictures accumulated on my camera also. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Costly Cognitive Overload

I’m re-reading Bob Sutton’s 2011-08-27 post, “5 Warning Signs to Watch for at Apple.”  That post is not about Apple (except as a great for-example).  It is about consistency of purpose and ways of maintaining that in a major coordinated … Continue reading

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Stopping work for free that I wouldn’t do as a job for free

I had a very strange insight today.  There were two triggers: two conversations with respected colleagues in the past three days concerning how unsatisfying some recent projects have become for me a twitter post that led me to David Fuhriman’s … Continue reading

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OMG: I Have My Father’s Body

I was at the “Silver Sneakers” program at the neighborhood “Y” when I happened to look at myself in the mirrored wall behind the instructor.  I look at my mirrored image often, but this occasion was different: I noticed that … Continue reading

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I Know I Set that Blog Down Somewhere, Now … Oh, There It Is

It can be near daily when I have set my eyeglasses down somewhere and then stumble around re-tracing my steps until I find them again.  Usually they are in an usual place, but occasionally I have to be creative in … Continue reading

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What Birds Are These? I asked

Technorati Tags: photography, neighborhood, birds, winter Every Winter there are swarms of birds outside of my basement-office window.  They arrive suddenly, pecking the heck out of my lawn (but leaving the sprouts of my late-season re-seeding alone) and making off … Continue reading

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