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“I Want My MP3, … I Want My MP3, …”

Technorati Tags: orcmid, Pandora, Amazon MP3, Windows Media Player, on-line radio, on-line music Think back … Do you remember six-pack weekends on your favorite album rock station?  You’re driving and there’s a marvelous long cut that you love and you’re … Continue reading

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Punishing Standard Users: When Will It Stop?

Technorati Tags: orcmid, LUA, SUA, UAC, Second Life, Punishing Standard Users, Running As Administrator, Safe Computing There is a slippery tug-of-war going on between Microsoft and third-party application developers.  This even has Microsoft application-product and developer-product development teams fighting/ignoring/neglecting/throwing the … Continue reading

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The Last Solo Instrument You’ll Ever Need?

Technorati Tags: orcmid, Michael Powers, music, guitar synthesizer On September 30, we took the Argosy Cruises Jazz Brunch voyage featuring Michael Powers.  This was the occasion of my sister-in-laws birthday and I fancied the presence of a jazz combo as … Continue reading

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2007-09-25 Geek Dinner: Ed Bott in Kirkland Center

Technorati Tags: orcmid, Ed Bott, Charlie Owen, Geek Dinner, Vista Inside Out, Media Center, Vista DRM, Future of Media, photography I was thrilled to learn that writer Ed Bott would be in the Redmond gravity well, having a Geek Dinner … Continue reading

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  Technorati Tags: orcmid,, OO.o Installer Bug When I installed OO.o 2.3 on my sister’s computer, I was disturbed that it kept offering her admin account as the single account it would install under, even though we were not … Continue reading

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