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Getting some Delicious (again, maybe)

It seems that the use of a DLL and plug-in is no longer the preferred way to connect to for capturing bookmarks on that service.    With the plug-in, I did have trouble losing my cookie and needing to log … Continue reading

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Narrating the Work; Narrating the Numbers

Why Nate Silver and not other numbers guys? Because Nate is a blogger. Really. Others put data out there as well (see links at the bottom). Nice graphs and charts and tables. Great numbers, essentially the same as Nate’s. But … Continue reading

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Write Once, Play Everywhere – MonoGame

Write Once, Play Everywhere Charlie Kindel just reported that every game company he met with on a trip to Jordan is using Unity and MonoGame for cross-platform development.  That caught my eye because what works for game development can be … Continue reading

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