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Welcoming Open Live Writer

Although many have asked for it, today was the day that a team of Microsoft and other Volunteers managed to fork Window Live Writer to become Open Live Writer under the .NET Foundation. I am creating this post with Open … Continue reading

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Identity Is not a Thing

It is amazing to me how many ways notions of identity are employed and how nebulous identity itself remains.  Consider all of the variations identified in Wikipedia.  Contrast the social-science distinctions of identity with the tacit assumption of identity as … Continue reading

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Guardian, Dictator, Manager, Mentor, or Collaborator Be?

For open-source projects that I initiate, I want some way to acknowledge differentiation of roles that permit me to preserve in some friendly way my vision of what is essential for trustworthy development, releases, and life-cycle support.  I settled on … Continue reading

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Recommending “Her”

Vicki was out of town on an important family mission during my official 75th birthday, yesterday, and I treated myself to the new film, “Her.”  (Please don’t read the Wikipedia synopsis, it sucks the life out of the story and … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Off-by-One Defects

Yesterday, I happened to be filling out a Windows 8.1 Xbox Games message form.  I filled the form with exactly 0-characters left. When I sent the message, I received a “message too long” pop-up, reminding me of the length limit.  … Continue reading

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How to not Support Windows Platforms

This analysis presented by Ed Bott on 2013-01-01 reminds me of something that has been nagging me for the past couple of years. It is amazing to me that web-site and application developers manage to be in complete denial about … Continue reading

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It has come to my attention …

… That a sizable proportion of recent posts on this blog are about my resumption of blogging, my dereliction as a blogger, and other public manifestations of my miscreant ways. And I’m doing it again! Well, I have resumed curation … Continue reading

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