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Identity Is not a Thing

It is amazing to me how many ways notions of identity are employed and how nebulous identity itself remains.  Consider all of the variations identified in Wikipedia.  Contrast the social-science distinctions of identity with the tacit assumption of identity as … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Off-by-One Defects

Yesterday, I happened to be filling out a Windows 8.1 Xbox Games message form.  I filled the form with exactly 0-characters left. When I sent the message, I received a “message too long” pop-up, reminding me of the length limit.  … Continue reading

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Sometimes, worrying about man-in-the-middle attacks is not just paranoia

I have a friend who is seriously concerned about man-in-the-middle attacks on his communications.  He uses digital signatures on all of his e-mails. I generally reciprocate, and I will again once Outlook 2013 on Windows 8 stops crashing when I … Continue reading

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All Your SD-Card Belong to Us

After attending a Geek Dinner last night, I wanted to import the photos from my SD Card into my Windows photo folders for editing and posting to Flickr.  Naturally, there were some cat pictures accumulated on my camera also. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Your Words are Wasted – Scott Hanselman

In his 2012-08-19 Blog post, Your words are wasted, Scott Hanselman pleas for the cyber-presence I yearn for: ability to easily create and manage my own content and make it easily available. I cling to that ambition despite my blogging … Continue reading

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@Codecademy: The #codeyear Challenge

I’m fascinated by approaches that allow anyone to learn the basics of programming and take it as far as they want.   I’ve also noticed that JavaScript has increasing credibility as a starter language for becoming fluent with information technology and … Continue reading

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The Drive to Blog, or Not?

I tell myself that I “need” to blog more.  I tell myself that regularly.  Lately, I’ve been telling myself daily.  What I don’t do is fire up Windows Live Writer and create a blog post.  I don’t even use the … Continue reading

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