The Drive to Blog, or Not?

I tell myself that I “need” to blog more.  I tell myself that regularly.  Lately, I’ve been telling myself daily.  What I don’t do is fire up Windows Live Writer and create a blog post.  I don’t even use the “Blog this” button on my browser.  And I don’t create anything that has an occasion for blogging show up in my daily life.

There are two maladies here.  The first is the seemingly lack of desire to blog.  It wasn’t like that when I started at the end of October, 2002.   Of course, the first posts were about blogging and the experience of getting that first blog working.   There was an interesting progression and variety from that point to mid-2010 when I needed to replace my blog-publishing machinery.   My established blogs remain dormant.

The second is a plethora of distractions, all of which are easier to indulge despite the fact that once I am in the midst of writing blog posts (such as this one), it is very satisfying. 

The distractions consist of Facebook, Twitter, mailing lists that I can quickly respond to directly in my e-mail reader, and now even Echo Echo and Foursquare, neither of which make much sense to me even though I have installed them on my Windows Phone.  There is also some obsession around projects that I had wanted very much to participate in and that have turned into jobs that I would not do for free.  I know it is obsessive since I haven’t kicked those off the bus since complaining last August.

Now that is working better than before, I am using that more.  I’ve been adding more blog syndication feeds to my feed reader too, although I don’t live in my feed reader at all.

And, as I said, I don’t live in my blog writing aids at all, and I have no structure for creating occasions to blog.

And I miss blogging and developing my web sites.  I miss the occasion those activities provide for thoughtful analysis and composition for something more substantial than an e-mail reply, a twitter RT, or a note.

So, is this going to be yet-another of those dismal posts that proclaim” “Gee, I haven’t been blogging much folks and I promise to get back to it.”

Yes, that’s what it is. 

I say there will be more. 

The words will emerge slowly at first, perhaps, and in the few operational blogs I have, until more are revived.

I’m working toward procrastination without guilt.  I suppose it won’t be procrastination then.  It will just be blogging when the occasion arises.  What I’m creating is the opportunities for such occasions.

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