The Wonders of Off-by-One Defects

Yesterday, I happened to be filling out a Windows 8.1 Xbox Games message form.  I filled the form with exactly 0-characters left.

When I sent the message, I received a “message too long” pop-up, reminding me of the length limit.  Then it all disappeared.  I have no way of telling if a message was sent. 

There is no way to see message I’ve sent and I wasn’t offered a chance to clean up the message.

This is not the only place I’ve seen this, where either the characters-remaining counter, the test for message limit, or the announced message-length allowance (or all of the above) are handled incorrectly.  

It was a reminder to me of how prevalent this is and how the simplest possible test case is clearly not ever performed. 

The question this raises in the mind of me, the consumer: What other more significant and possibly security-related conditions are also inadequately confirmed and demonstrated by explicit testing?

Not even that skanky dufus, Spanner Wingnut, would miss this one.

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