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Identity Is not a Thing

It is amazing to me how many ways notions of identity are employed and how nebulous identity itself remains.  Consider all of the variations identified in Wikipedia.  Contrast the social-science distinctions of identity with the tacit assumption of identity as … Continue reading

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Guardian, Dictator, Manager, Mentor, or Collaborator Be?

For open-source projects that I initiate, I want some way to acknowledge differentiation of roles that permit me to preserve in some friendly way my vision of what is essential for trustworthy development, releases, and life-cycle support.  I settled on … Continue reading

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How an epic blunder by Adobe could strengthen hand of password crackers | Ars Technica

Via Dan Goodin on Ars Technica, 2013-11-01 Four weeks ago, Adobe disclosed a sustained hack on its corporate network that threatened to spawn a wave of meaner malware attacks by giving criminals access to the raw source code for the … Continue reading

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Sometimes, worrying about man-in-the-middle attacks is not just paranoia

I have a friend who is seriously concerned about man-in-the-middle attacks on his communications.  He uses digital signatures on all of his e-mails. I generally reciprocate, and I will again once Outlook 2013 on Windows 8 stops crashing when I … Continue reading

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Improving Hashes Doesn’t Improve Passwords

Yesterday, an effort to produce a new Password Hashing Algorithm was announced.  Dennis Fisher describes the initiative in his 2013-02-15 Kaspersky threatpost article, “Cryptographers Aim to Find New Password Hashing Algorithm.”  Here’s my comment. First, the article suggests that the … Continue reading

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Mobile Payment Systems Arriving–Ready or Not?

Michael Brush’s 2012-12-28 article, “The next big battle for your wallet,” caught my eye on this morning’s MSN Money page. There are a number of converging factors that suggest 2013 will see a flurry of mobile payment offerings supported by … Continue reading

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Narrating the Work; Narrating the Numbers

Why Nate Silver and not other numbers guys? Because Nate is a blogger. Really. Others put data out there as well (see links at the bottom). Nice graphs and charts and tables. Great numbers, essentially the same as Nate’s. But … Continue reading

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