All Your SD-Card Belong to Us

2013-01-09: Household visitor, Bella the Cat

After attending a Geek Dinner last night, I wanted to import the photos from my SD Card into my Windows photo folders for editing and posting to Flickr.  Naturally, there were some cat pictures accumulated on my camera also.

Unfortunately, Windows 7 claimed that the SD Card needed to be formatted.

I didn’t do that.  I put the SD Card back in my Nikon D80 and the 15 pictures were there.

And Windows 7 still declared that the SD Card needed to be formatted.

I fired up Quadro, my Windows XP SP3 Tablet Computer, and used its SD Card slot.  No problem.  There I used Windows Live Photo Gallery to extract the photos from the SD Card, transfer them to my photo collection on Windows Home Server, and delete the images from the SD Card.  It was all fine.

Just for laughs, I put the emptied SD Card in the slot on my Windows 7 desktop system.  It was all fine and Windows Live Photo Gallery opened up automatically and offered to import any pictures from the SD Card. 

Now, the only other thing that I had done before that last step was to upgrade Skype 6.0 to Skype 6.1, the one being promoted as the integrated replacement for Windows Messenger (previously removed, though).

Any sufficiently-advanced technology, when broken, is indistinguishable from infection by poltergeists.

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