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It has come to my attention …

… That a sizable proportion of recent posts on this blog are about my resumption of blogging, my dereliction as a blogger, and other public manifestations of my miscreant ways. And I’m doing it again! Well, I have resumed curation … Continue reading

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Now on my Windows phone

Now that there is copy+paste, and a nice application, I can blog easily from my phone. That means I can spend even more time deleting spam comments. That means I can log in easily, now that I have a … Continue reading

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Hiding Out Once Again

This is my initial post on, the new home of Orcmid’s Live Hideout.  I just converted from Windows Live Spaces and making this post is just to see how it all works.  I don’t have any reason to continue … Continue reading

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Crash No More, For Now

Technorati Tags: orcmid, Pandora, Windows Live, Windows Live Radio I finally took Yuji’s advice and tried hiding my sidebar modules.  This was to stop the crashing of page loads and refreshes on this Live Space. The first one I hid … Continue reading

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Windows Live: The Experience, Part 1, I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

Technorati Tags: orcmid, Windows Live, Windows Live 2008, Windows Live Installer, toolcraft Swallowing Windows Live Whole I know better than to have done this.  I really do.  In a carefree moment, I decided, "What the heck, let’s see how this … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Disappearing RSS Button – Solved

Technorati Tags: orcmid, Windows Live Spaces, RSS   OK, I found out what happens with the RSS button in IE7.  If I come to this site and I am not signed in, the RSS button appears.   If I am … Continue reading

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Live Writer, Meet Live Spaces. Uhh, Live Writer, Meet …

It seemed to me that Windows Live Writer would be optimized for Windows Live Spaces, just as my Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 has extra smoothness and operability with Windows Live Messenger (or perhaps vice versa). Technorati Tags: orcmid, Windows Live Writer, … Continue reading

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