Returning to the Moon: Escape Tower Incident

There have been a couple of setbacks in my efforts to restore self-hosted blogging capability.  I found a browser/server incompatibility that breaks my brain.  And then I had to do a fresh system drive and operating-system reinstall on my main, development PC.

Browser/Server Flummox

The hexo-generated Spanner Wingnut experimental blog seemed to be going great guns.

The blog appears correctly in Edge and Chrome

Apart from some simple style adjustments, the experimental blog seemed ready for customization and revitalization of my “production” blogs.

Everything works well under local testing and on the live location, using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  The local server also displays properly using Internet Explorer.

The hosted web fails to be browsed properly using Internet Explorer, though.

The page display is completely ruined when using Internet Explorer to access the web-hosting site, but not the local machine server

The complete failure is with Internet Explorer only when accessing the hosted site.  That is completely baffling.

  • It is conceivably a server setting problem, perhaps something to do with MIME types of served content or even something in the formatting of CSS and JS components.
  • It is unacceptable that the site not be viewed properly with what remains the default browser for many users.
  • It appears that the image formatting is a problem, but I notice that the styles for remaining parts of the page are also disrupted.
  • There is nothing revealing when viewing the HTML served up by the hosting site.

My failure in not testing the deployed site in Internet Explorer from the beginning means I don’t know what customization changes first produced this result.

I am willing to remove the top-page image and simplify the top banner, in hopes that eliminates the difficulty. 

I am gathering myself for digging into that.  But first, … .

System-Restoration Priorities

While I was scratching my head over the browser/server failure being limited only to remote access by Internet Explorer, I managed to crater my system SSD drive.   Fortunately, I was able to use a recovery USB drive to get Windows 10 back in operation on a clean SSD.  Also fortunately, all of my data, and some installed programs, were on my D: drive, not the C: system drive.  I also had the good fortune to have code backups (GitHub) and data backups (OneDrive plus an attached USB-connected drive).  Also, many software subscriptions (Office 365, Steam, Cakewalk SONAR, etc.) make it very easy to restore software and, usually, my latest configurations and status.

I have gradually been re-installing software, starting with essential programs for everyday operation, such as Microsoft Outlook on the desktop. 

I have now successfully re-installed node.js and hexo.  The GitHub connections of my working nfoCentrale blog folders were already restored.  Now it is time to have the FTP deployment working again. 

With that last step, I can work on curing the Internet Explorer browser/server failure.

Software Engineering for Everyone

Software engineering is about having reliable processes for making dependable delivery and lifecycle support of computer software.  

There are some elements to computer-aided production and operation of blogs, and web sites generally, that pose tool-chain, workflow, and testing/analysis problems that are very unlike development of standalone PC software. 

My engineering of a dependable blogging-engine authoring mechanism requires quite a bit more software-engineering practice, simply for myself.   I need to look at how I am not creating practices that measure up to my own expectations for dependable operation.

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