Write Once, Play Everywhere – MonoGame

Write Once, Play Everywhere

Charlie Kindel just reported that every game company he met with on a trip to Jordan is using Unity and MonoGame for cross-platform development.  That caught my eye because what works for game development can be significant for other cross-platform development.

Unity is very expensive, so I don’t pay attention to that.  (My view of affordable is something that can be built on Windows using Visual Studio Express editions.)

The interesting aspect for MonoGame (Ms-PL license) is the underlying use of OpenTK (MIT/X11 license), SharpDX (MIT license), and Lidgren.Network (MIT license). 

Although I’m not that keen on Mono or .NET, I don’t mind work that can interoperate and, in particular, use compatible APIs.

[Upgrading to Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview on Windows 7, my de.licio.us plug-in had to be removed.  But “Blog This in Windows Live Writer” still works.  Things may become positively chatty around here, as I compensate for lack of a bookmarking service.]

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