RSS: Blogs as Publishing

Browser Pull-Down Menu Showing Feeds at a Site

I much prefer full-content blog feeds.  I want to be able to use my feed reader to see what the article is.  I can then delete it, flag it, or simply let it sit there until my attention comes back to where the feed sits in my blog collection.   I also know that I can use full-text searching in my feed collection when I am looking for something I remember having noticed in the past.

I treat blogs as feeds into a compilation of clipped blog articles that is at my fingertips and with organization at my whim.

It takes very special circumstances (such as a blog on security issues) to have me willingly subscribe to a feed that has only titles and, at best, short summaries.

Blog pages, especially aggregation blogs, often defeat my quest for a full-content feed of an individual contributor whose topics align with my interests.  The browser button that indicates a feed is available rarely provides the full-content feed that I am interested in, sometimes providing an empty feed.  I have to search the page for other feed sources.

What I failed to notice is that, at least since Internet Explorer 8, the feed-presence button is a pull-down, and there are feeds available for matters that I had never noticed before (such as Bing search-result pages).  

I have now found that (based on a very small sample), Atom feeds are more likely to provide full content than genuine RSS feeds, and when both are available, what is delivered can be different.  I don’t know if this is a quiet agreement or happenstance.  I certainly feel served, now that I know there may be more options than I thought.

It was particularly satisfying to discover this on encountering a blog that is about publishing and the world of digital publishing, including blogging.  I was finding it ironic that the blog itself lacked a full-content feed.  I’m delighted to learn that I simply didn’t know to seek further.

[I’ve promised myself to begin blogging regularly, perhaps daily.  I find this level is an aid to unlocking my writing.  Today though, I find I have been subscribing to blog feeds like crazy, not exactly a move in the right direction.  I’m not clear why that just happened.  It put me at 892 feeds being monitored with 3,892 unread articles.  I think I may be in need of an intervention.]

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