Recommending “Her”

Vicki was out of town on an important family mission during my official 75th birthday, yesterday, and I treated myself to the new film, “Her.”  (Please don’t read the Wikipedia synopsis, it sucks the life out of the story and is a pale substitute.)

Vicki thinks that immersive gaming and places like Second Life are simply weird, so I figured that seeing the film on my own wouldn’t take anything away from our list of films to see together, such as the new Jack Ryan story.

I was mistaken.  “Her” is very sweet and I regret not seeing it with her.  I am quite willing to see it again though, so I can make up for that.

“Her” explores an important, intensely-human theme that also has aspects in A.I. Artificial Intelligence and in some aspects of Blade Runner and Oblivion.  In “Her” what we project into relationships, and where we create them, is front and center in every moment.

Some of the most fanciful aspects of the film are in the satirical elements that are scattered everywhere.  There are a few in-jokes as well.  One about recreation of a persona from all of his writings is particularly confounding, considering what had that author’s attention.  It is all well-played and engaging, and the performance of the actors is completely enthralling.  However quirky any of the characters are, we sense their humanity and can be concerned for their fate.

There came a point when the plot took a sudden twist where I thought I knew where the story was going.  I was mistaken.  The first sudden turn is neither the last nor the greatest.

I don’t want to relay anything of the story and how it ends.  Do pay close attention to the dialog between “Samantha” and Theodore Twombly as the story is approaching resolution.  There are three important lines of which the last is an understated, almost muffled, payoff.  The richness of what comes next and the gift the film is trumpets in that line.

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