Welcoming Open Live Writer

Although many have asked for it, today was the day that a team of Microsoft and other Volunteers managed to fork Window Live Writer to become Open Live Writer under the .NET Foundation.

I am creating this post with Open Live Writer right now.   It is version 0.5. 

I noticed it picked up my blog history that was on my system, including unpublished drafts.  Nice.

In the past week I had already become excited about Visual Code, a lean mean and very appealing code editor with the look and feel and some of the great functionality of Visual Studio, built into a source-code editor that loads and runs very quickly.  Also open-sourced and on GitHub, it has an exciting execution and plug-in model for developing collaborative distributed operation.  

I can see both of these tools growing into parts of a powerful multi-platform ecosystem for geeks. 

Visual Code is essentially JavaScript and Python built, with a smattering of node.js and some interesting frameworks from Google and elsewhere.  It works on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Open Live Writer is more on the C# end of things, but that can be multi-platform too, now.

Another reason for my excitement is these are desktop GUI applications of a scale and directness that may be great avenues for many novice and hobbyist developers to get their teeth into and begin to develop class applications.

Oh boy, … .

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