A Planet of Blog Splinters … Apache Feathers?

The Apache Software Foundation provides a Planet Apache blog consolidation.  I’d like to have my articles that are related to Apache projects, especially Apache OpenOffice, to be directed to the planet.  And I want articles that aren’t even remotely-connected to remain off-planet.  Those will always be easy to find, one way or another among many.

You can see that some of the syndicated Planet Apache articles are not so limited. 

I can also see why some projects might want to have their own planet in the system that has ASF as the star.  At the moment the only appropriate active planet is Committers.  It might do for Apache OpenOffice to have its own (with ODF Toolkit as its primary satellite?).

But for now, we’ll do it this way.  This will provide an informal avenue and association separate from the more-formal Apache OpenOffice blog and its project-management voice.

This is why I needed to figure out how WordPress provides separate RSS feeds for a blog’s categories.  This post is by way of fair warning.

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