You Need to Log In to … Out of Control and We Don’t Care

I use as a bookmarking service.  It is a way to collect reminders. 

I also have an RSS feed of my posts so they show up in my feed reader too.  And I have Windows Live Writer to also capture all of my posts in also.

Should be smooth, huh?

Well, the problem is that never seems to remember my credentials from day to day or browser session to browser session.

So, on the page linked below, the Tag plug-in says I need an account. It will offer me a login dialog, but the password field does not accept a Paste of the password.  That doesn’t work for me because I don’t know my password – I generated it and keep it in a safe.  If i can’t copy and paste from the safe, the dialog is useless.

delicious sign-in pop-up does not allow pasting of the password.  So it is necessary to sign in another way or have a memorable password that can be typed from memory and trivially compromised.  No thanks.

So, if I want to use badly enough, I have to go to the login page of the site and login there.  The problem is that however many times I do that, sometimes the browser plug-in still can’t tell I am signed in and we go around in circles until it works or I give up after accumulating far too much opportunity cost on an unsuccessful activity.

Since I decided that I wanted to take the set of tutorials on Outlook Best Practices, I also wondered whether it was useful to Sign In on the Outlook Blog.  Well, maybe not.  Here is the sign-in page:

I have never seen this sign in form before.  It asks for a Name/Password or OpenID.  I am sure I have signed-in here before, but why don't they take my Windows Live ID?

I have no idea whether I ever created an account for these particular blogs or not.  But I do have a Windows Live ID, and I thought that would work anywhere, yes?  Not here apparently.  If there is an associated OpenID, I don’t know what it is.  I could use an OpenID I already have, but then exactly how many accounts/registrations will I have over here (or will my existing user ID already appear to be taken by someone else, etc.).

I have a new theme about all of this.  “Out of Control and We Don’t Care.”  It seems to be showing up everywhere these days.   It is becoming so comical that I have gone past frustration to simple bemusement.  That’s rather freeing; I’m just not sure this bodes well for life as we prefer to know it.

What I was attempting to bookmark and eventually review:

Outlook Blog – Outlook Best Practices: Getting started

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