Now on my Windows phone

Now that there is copy+paste, and a nice application, I can blog easily from my phone.

That means I can spend even more time deleting spam comments.

That means I can log in easily, now that I have a pastable password list reachable from the phone

And I suppose that means I should see what the blog looks like when read from my phone. Heh.

2012-04-08T20:02Z I created this post on my phone and I thought it had disappeared forever. Not so.  It ended up in drafts.  I don’t use the dashboard, so I didn’t know it was sitting here until I came here to edit categories (and there’ll be a different post about that.)

It could be that I posted the above as a draft and what I forgot to do was have Windows Live Writer retrieve any drafts from so I could work on them, approve them, etc.  Instead I am approving this from the dashboard.  Not something I intend to make a habit of.

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