I Know I Set that Blog Down Somewhere, Now … Oh, There It Is

It can be near daily when I have set my eyeglasses down somewhere and then stumble around re-tracing my steps until I find them again.  Usually they are in an usual place, but occasionally I have to be creative in realizing where I was that I might have set them down.

Close runner up is my coffee mug.  It is not always still in the microwave.

Now I’ve gone and put away my blog(s) somewhere among the papers and downloads and re-organized folders and new projects and … Oh, here you are.

It is amazing how easy it is to stop blogging and then have odd barriers in the way of starting up again.

Apparently, it is one of those “Just Do It” situations.  Well, all right then.

My next task, beside giving up on whatever it was I had to do first so I could blog again, is figure out how to turn off the automatic insertion of emoticonSleeping half-moon.  I know how to defeat them, though I don’t know how durable those tricks are Smile.  Something tells me these images are going to suck cookies Sad smile.

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