Xbox, Windows unite? Oh, Right

Xbox, Windows unite in internal Microsoft video (

From an outside-observer perspective, it appears that Microsoft’s grasp is, at a far different scale, as slippery as my own on multiple concurrent projects that I claim an integrated vision for.

I am thinking of the notion of an ecostructure that provides smoothly-connected availability of all of our digital possessions with appropriately-scaled use of available services (including games and social networking) no matter what appliance we are using from wherever we happen to be at the moment.

While I only have to deal with my own cognitive dissonance between ambition, capability, and readiness, I imagine Microsoft has the corporate equivalent in inter-fiefdom crusades over whose faith offers the keys to heaven’s gates and wins our eyeballs and souls in the bargain.

We’ve seen this between desktop, client-server, web, and cloud.  Now we also get to see it steroid-enhanced among PC, Xbox, Zune, Windows Live, and Windows Phone in awkward federation.

I say it will take extraordinary consistency of purpose, commitment, and endurance to provide something that represents a dependable, trustworthy and sustained ecosystem which we can grow our way into, rather than being forced to dive into the deep end of the (how nearly empty?) under-construction pool along with the gigantus forgetaboutus.   Indications that Microsoft doesn’t possess the necessary organizational attention span are discouraging.

Perhaps an inoculation from Japan with booster shot from Finland can help.  In the world of corporate denizens, it is more typical that the cultural white cells will repel such invasive notions.  I suppose the only thing to do, for now, is be patient and stay out from underfoot.

Meanwhile, I found Zune PC terribly discordant with the rest of my PC and desktop experience.  (For calibration, I love Windows Media Player but have no use for Media Center.)  Currently the Zune PC Marketplace won’t even offer me a button to buy any Windows Phone apps.  So I purchase apps using the phone, which means I have to pray that the apps are small enough to install over my data plan and not require me to seek out a Wi-Fi access point.  Consequently, the latest update for Harvest won’t install until I spend some time at the public library.  Don’t get me started about the experience of moving my Outlook contacts to Windows Live Hotmail and how coordination of calendars seems to cause Outlook to crash from time to time.  I still love my HD7, even though I had in mind that consistent and thorough support from Microsoft would compensate for any uneven support on the part of my carrier and the phone manufacturer.  (Disclosure: @orcmid won the RewardCard-equivalent value of a Windows Phone 7 through being persistent in a Twitter-hosted raffle.)

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