At Last


The first thing I looked for when I tried out Pandora was classical music.  A search for Beethoven only found popular-music references and no source for Ludwig himself.  That changed today.

Now I get to create my B-Greats station (once I rename the one above), and load up on Bach, Beethoven, Brahms (and yes, Berlioz, but I think not Bartok).

This could completely change my on-line listening habits.  I wonder.

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4 Responses to At Last

  1. Bill says:

    This looks pretty fine. I guess I\’ll need to try it out. But I have a hard time listening to music and working at the same time. How do you do that?

  2. Dennis says:

    Three things distract me when I am listening to music while working at the computer:
    1. If I am rating the music, whether in my Windows Media Player collection or with Pandora on-line, this is a distraction although I often find the music vanishes into background music and I don\’t notice the progression of tracks.    
    2. If the music becomes distracting because it starts to grate, then I listen out of annoyance.  This is usually when I catch myself and turn it off.
    3. Sometimes, the selection is something that I can\’t not listen to.  That takes me away from the work.  It is so heart-warming I will simply listen and muse along for a while.  Then I will shut it off to get back to work, but I\’ll be refreshed.
    I think maybe I want a soundtrack to my working.  When that happens I just sort of bop along working and enjoying the tunes.  That works best when I\’m home alone and I can use the external speakers without distracting anyone else here.  If I use headphones, after a while they become uncomfortable and they will stop me.
    Ah my, well I will end and listen to this pleasant interruption:
    Jimmy Hendrix, The Wind Cries Mary, on my Pandora Classic Album Rock channel.  Oh man …

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