Friday Cat Photo: Princess Psyche

  Princess is the female of our two litter mates.  She and her brother are celebrating their 13th birthday in the month of September.  Their mother, Cleopatra, was a beautiful Burmese with golden eyes and rich brown coat.  These black cats have sable highlights in their coats from mom, who has kept dad a secret all these years.  (The blue cast is from the lighting.)

Princess is showing her age here.  The crow wandered outside my office window and she was alerted enough to hop up onto one of my computer towers for a better look.  She has learned that diving at the window doesn’t accomplish anything and was content to observe.  She’s still playful and she is also a scold.  Every morning I am scolded until I pet her until one of us can’t stand it any longer.  I don’t know why she is scolding me, but petting is what we settle for.

I have been practicing capturing their eyes, which I find so intricate and beautiful.  The cats are a bit camera shy, so it is difficult to get the view and lighting just right.  Sometimes I get close to what I am after.  The whiskers are turning white and thick, with a little salt in the pepper of her black coat. 

At six pounds, Princess is the smallest of our three cats.  She has lived indoors her entire life.

I’m still practicing with my recently-acquired digital camera and struggling with indoor lighting and color balance for these photos.  These images have all been tweaked from the raw files using Nikon Capture NX.  I think I need to spend some time with test images and the Help system.

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