2007-09-12 Nerd Dinner: Bellevue Crossroads


My snapshots from the casual dinner meet-up called by Scott Hanselman with swag by Charlie Owen. Here I play with the thumbnails that Flickr provides, along with the ease of using photos in posts via Live Writer.  I do fancy my Live Writer, yes I do.

[update 2007-09-13: Arun Bhatnagar has put his photo set on Flickr.  They provide a great demonstration of how the Crossroads Mall building is unusually inviting for socialization and informal meetings.] 

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2 Responses to 2007-09-12 Nerd Dinner: Bellevue Crossroads

  1. Unknown says:

    Hello Dad, good to hear from you.  A lot has been going on.  Getting back into going to school and also some work outside the theater.  Working with a job specialist and education support specialist which is very helpful. I suppose they are similar to a life coach in the Landmark program.
    As far as the concept around right and wrong I did a little research on my own.  One site basically felt that anything goes as far as afterlife consequences, for instance they suggested that Hitler ended up in heaven.  I suppose that is not something that could be proven and I would imagine God\’s point of view of him is much different than our own.
    So who knows?  Basically, this site felt that all the bad consequences are here on earth and is part of the human experience and our way of learning about ourselves.
    I looked also into the history of ethics in Encarta to try to learn some more.  And I also did some writing about two concepts of God : the Pantheistic view and the monotheistic view held by Jews, Christians and Muslims.  It was fun doing the research. 
    Interestingly enough I started attending a therapy group called Recovery Inc.  Which uses cognitive behavior principles and they talk about the right and wrong views that we assume can be detrimental to our mental health!  The method is based on the research and writings of Dr. Abraham Low, MD, a neoropsychiatrist from the \’40s and \’50s.  One of the thoughts as a tool that is suggested is : " There is no right and wrong in the trivialities of life"  Which reminds me of how I can make mountains out of mole hills and that I can ruminate on a mistake that I created in my mind with no out ward facts to support it..and also that what I\’m thinking is the only possibility of what happened rather that there are numerous possibilities and the conceit that it is always about me!  One of the other concepts is  "averageness"  in the sense of typical, normal, unexceptional.  Nervous symptoms are average—-they are unversal to human beings.  Situations are average—-the same event has happened to someone else.  And  people are average—-somewhere between the two extremes of inferior and superior.  I don\’t know if this lines up with your experience and I haven\’t checked those links that you sent me yet so I am going to do that now,
    health to you, Doug

  2. Unknown says:

    Testing the email link.

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