Crashing Every Time … and then no More? … and then Again …

I discovered an interesting problem.  Any time I come to Orcmid’s Live HideOut and I am not signed in, the page serves up and hangs.  The common feature of the hang is that the advertising banner at the top of the page is empty — there’s a big blank there.

This makes it difficult to view my Live Spaces site to verify how it appears to visitors.  (I trust that visitors don’t all hang on arrival!)

So I have to manually shut down the browser, or else wait for the not-responding message to come up so I can kill it from there.  I’m currently logged out too.  I wonder what happens when Live Writer attempts to launch the site to show me the results of my posting.

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Later: No, the page still comes up with an indication that I am in an Unknown Zone (mixed) and there is nothing in the top ad banner.  Funny, it looks like a security and privacy settings problem.  Definitely funny.

Oddly, I could use the "Edit your space" link in Live Writer to get to a page that did serve up properly.  I then was able to log in.  Now maybe everything will work.  Let’s take a look.

Still Later: Well, the launch from within Live Writer worked just fine, even though the site doesn’t show me as signed in. I have a theory … No, that wasn’t it.  One more thing to try … and that wasn’t it either.  I have no idea why the problem has now disappeared.

Later than that:  It did it again.  I have no idea what the pattern is.  I will endeavor to stay logged-on to the site as much as possible.

[Update 2007-09-10 I finally repaired it. Operating on the hint from Yuji that it was probably one of my modules, I finally disabled my personal likely suspect: the Radio plug-in that shows my Pandora station list.  I figured it could also be my list of movies, but that seems too popular to be the likely culprit.  Since I "hid" the radio module, I have not been able to cause the page to crash.  If that holds up, I’ll be happy enough.  It just means that my station list is visible only on Facebook, which is some sort of karma thing for Windows Live Spaces, it seems to me.
 Update 2007-08-29 This is getting serious.  The crashing of IE7 can happen on any page visit or refresh.  For example, I just went to the Movie List to see the details and then used the back button to come to my main page here.  And IE7 hung.  According to my friend Yuji, in a comment below, IE7 crashed on him too, and Firefox doesn’t crash but it shows the page as continuously serving up.  It might be one of my modules, but I am more suspicious of the ad server, which doesn’t serve up anything when the page crashes.  Fortunately this blog is an experiment, but it is very annoying to have to shut down the browser, report it to Microsoft, and then re-open the browser (which usually works the second time).]

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One Response to Crashing Every Time … and then no More? … and then Again …

  1. yuji says:

    hi long time no chati didn\’t notice you made a livespaceit really did crash with ie7 i don\’t know whyit could be one of your gadgets you havewell i tried viewing it with firefoxit didn\’t crash but it wouldn\’t stop loadingi guess for now people will have to view your livespace with firefoxwell i\’ll talk to you later i have to study my SAT

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