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Now, when I was noodling around with the connection between Windows Live Messenger and Spaces, in the Microsoft effort to join everything at the hip (I really don’t want my few hotmail contacts to show up in some global list along with my messenger contacts), I stumbled onto another cid that is, uh, for me (whoever the powers deem me to be). 
This has me be curious whether or not that one is somehow associated with "orcmid."  I doubt it.  I think the conflict is between here and the fact that I am orcmid on Channel 9.  But who knows. 
So I won’t post more here until I find out whether I should really be posting on the other cid, whatever it happens to be.  And hey, maybe I can have that be my evil twin.  Heh, heh.  Bwah, hah, hahhhh.
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