Live Writer, Meet Live Spaces. Uhh, Live Writer, Meet …

It seemed to me that Windows Live Writer would be optimized for Windows Live Spaces, just as my Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 has extra smoothness and operability with Windows Live Messenger (or perhaps vice versa).

It was with great anticipation that I fired up my Live Writer 1.0 (beta) and selected Windows Live Spaces for a new blog to author:



You can see what Live Writer favors here.  All of my choices to this point have been for "Another weblog service."  Those work well, but I expect this to be special, especially with the ability to upload images and other goodies.  I’m all set for my new Live Spaces blog to be set up so I can take it for a spin.

  Oh my.  What can possibly be going on here?  If I follow the link, I do get to my Live Spaces page.  That is the URL that shows up in the IE 7.0 address bar too.  I start wondering if my having to create a different nickname has anything to deal with this.

While I am thrashing back and forth in search of a straw to grasp, I see a little message that says I need to give my Live Space a web address for certain features to work.   So I find out that I can be  I set that up.  And then adding the Weblog Account with that URL simply works.  I’m in business.  And I can stop playing Johnny River’s "Secret Agent Man" in my head.

Oddly, Internet Explorer does not detect any RSS feed for the My Spaces blog and I had to look it up and enter it manually into RssBandit.  I do that so I can see what my own feed looks like.

There’s a little tweaking to have images show up well, and I am still experimenting there.  Oh, and there is one more bonus on the Live Writer – Live Spaces axis of nepotism harmonization.  Using "Another weblog service," the features end with "View your space."  None of the other goodies are available.  Narcissist that I am, I will be clicking the little stats button a great deal, for a while.  Hmm, I wonder if I can get a ClustrMap onto my Live Spaces presence. 

– orcmid

[Update 2007-08-29: My "axis of nepotism" slam was uncalled for.  In a comment below (sorry, no permalink), Microsoft’s Joe Cheng points out that the Live Writer plug-in features for space-specific functions are available to all web log providers, as announced with the Live Writer Beta 2 (which I am running).    I also want to point out that it is normal for Microsoft to produce applications that serve as illustrations and encouragement for the adoption of functionality by others.  This goes back to the original Windows Notepad and Cardfile, and it continues with the sidebar gadgets on Vista today.  Finally, I don’t see any way to edit a post at my Windows Spaces blog page, but I can do it from LiveWriter, which is very cool.  Being able to monkey with the HTML in LiveWriter is also valuable.]

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2 Responses to Live Writer, Meet Live Spaces. Uhh, Live Writer, Meet …

  1. Joe says:

    Sorry, cid-* style Spaces were introduced after the last release of Windows Live Writer. It will get less confusing in the future.
    Also, the additional features you mention in your last paragraph are available to any blog service, through our customization API. So far, TypePad,, dasBlog, and Subtext have added support. See the second half of our Beta 2 announcement blog post here:!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!1272.entry
    Hope that helps!

  2. Dennis says:

    Thanks Joe, I should not have implied that these were exclusive features of a Live Spaces – Live Writer tie-in, when they were simply there first in my experience (only using Blogger as my "other").  I am going to read the second-half of the beta 2 announcement right now. 

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