I am Orcmid, I am, I am

Well, that tears it. 
This is the place that insists I be orcmid1.  They actually give me a choice of other "public nickname" but I can’t be orcmid, even though I already am (see photo):
The other thing that Windows Live hasn’t figured out is how to compute my age.  I told them my birthday (long before Kim Cameron’s advice on this one), but the age field is one that I must update myself.  That’s particularly funny because "orcmid1939" was a nickname that they suggested for me.
It’s been like this since Live Spaces first came into existence as MSN Spaces.  I promised myself I wouldn’t return until they fixed this, but apparently life is too short for that ploy to be useful. 
Hmm, I uploaded a photo but I apparently can’t control its appearance on this blog post.  I guess it is time to try using LiveWriter with this space.
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